How Long Do Dental Veneers Last?

Time and time again, we receive visitors from various parts of the world wanting to know “How long do veneers last?” Although we’d love to answer in a sentence or two, we simply can’t. You see, there are factors upon factors that influence how long do veneers last. Although we’d love to take a minute to speak about each and every one, time restraints keep us from doing so. However, we will try to touch on those that most people tend to find are detrimental to their experience with dental veneers.

How long do tooth veneers last (as we’ve mentioned above) is a question that leans on numerous variables. Among these variables include one’s eating habits, lifestyle choices, and willingness to adapt to circumstances. A person who has friends that sport dental veneers is likely to realize very quickly that how long veneers last greatly varies from person to person. A specific person’s veneers may last five years, while another’s may last ten or more. Remember, they both started with essentially the same veneers. However, their choices throughout the course of their veneer treatment changed the life longevity of their respective veneers. Thus, you can see from this example that how long veneers last is not a simple, but rather complex question to answer.

The point we tried to get across from the above idea is that veneers last as long as you want them to last. If you’re committed to preserving their appearance and the look of your smile, then you need to take every effort possible to ensure that you maintain them. If you’re a person who ‘s quite negligent, we wouldn’t expect your veneers to last very long. Remember, veneers last in par to the amount of care you show them.

The time has come for us to delve into the actual factors controlling how long do dental veneers last. The first one we will touch on is your lifestyle choices. Many people have many poor habits including biting on pencils, chewing on foreign objects, and what not. These types of bad habits can easily determine how long do dental veneers last (in your case). Such behavior can easily undermine the structural integrity of the veneers and allow them to give way. You can say bye to the few thousand dollars you paid for getting your mouth outfitted with them. If you think something as harmless as pencil biting can only damage the more expensive porcelain veneers, think again. Composite veneers can be equally affected by such behavior. Composite veneers how long do they last also depends heavily on how you as a person are able to establish some restraints in regards to behavior and habits. In the case of all veneers, it’s the same thing. Dental veneers last as long as your care for them. Composite, porcelain, or whatever other material veneers may be constructed of years form now will all respond the same to bad habits. So, the next time someone tries to make a faulty point about them, be sure to set them straight and tell them that dental veneers last only, and if only, their owner decides to tackle the responsibilities associated with them.

If you’re curious about how long do traditional veneers last, look above. Traditional veneers are those made from porcelain. Hence, those of you wondering how long do traditional veneers last should realize that it also depends on the aforementioned factors. The habits we’ve mentioned above are undoubtedly some of the most destructive and ones that should be avoided at all costs. Please be aware that all the above information was a mere update to this how long do tooth veneers last post. Thus, you may find the first paragraph of the information to follow a bit repetitive. Just read afterwards, as we do indeed dive into some of the other destructive habits that can leave your dental veneers in absolute shambles.

Dental veneers are a significant investment to everyday people. As such, many are interested in knowing how long veneers actually last. While there’s no magic formula to determine how long your veneers will last, most dental professionals claim that veneers will last anywhere from 10 to 15 years.

There are many factors which play a key role in the life longevity of your dental veneers. One of these happen to be your biting habits. While our biting habits do vary, those who find themselves biting though foods with enormous force may have trouble maintaining the well being of their veneers. If too much force is applied to a veneer at once, it may be prone to cracking – an issue which calls for a visit to the dentist.

The manner in which your jaw functions also has some bearing on the lifespan of your dental veneers. If you’re jaw functions abnormally, you may be required to have your veneers fixed or replaced much more often than the typical veneer recipient. In such a case, it may be financially wise to opt for braces.

Finally, your dedication to maintaining your smile plays a role in the preservation of your veneers. If you’re one of those people who forget to brush frequently or altogether find yourself neglecting your mouth – veneers are not the ideal solution for you. Dental veneers need to be treated with great care to ensure that they don’t deteriorate faster than they should.